Project Details


Nestled within the picturesque landscape of North Ridge in Raleigh, NC, this residence exudes the timeless elegance of Alys Beach architecture, adorned with an immaculate touch of Cape Dutch inspiration. The exterior, a striking symphony of all-white stucco and a sleek metal roof, harmonizes seamlessly with the clean lines and modern aesthetics. Beyond its sophisticated facade, a meticulously designed haven awaits in the backyard—a private oasis featuring an infinity-edge pool that gracefully extends its embrace toward the captivating views of the golf course and the tranquil lake. Every facet of this residence has been carefully crafted, ensuring not only a perfect fit within its surroundings but also a thoughtful arrangement that both captures the scenic allure of the golf course and provides a discreet sanctuary, shielding the home from neighboring perspectives.

Built by Raleigh Custom Homes

Photos by Michael Blevins