Our Process

Step 1: Consult

After gathering basic information you will sit down for a live sketch session with Tony. During this exercise, you will discuss the site, the budget, and the layout of your home. Tony will draw each space with you and try several different options until ultimately a rough concept is created.

Step 2: Plan

Once you have approved your initial sketch with Tony, we will team you up with one of our Project Managers that will form your consultation sketches into computer drawings. Next we will have a meeting to walk through the initial drawings together in both 2D and 3D. After a few rounds of changes, Tony will draw a sketch of the front of your home.

Step 3: Design

During this stage we create full 3D drawings of the exteriors, and start to fine tune the floorplans through a series of meetings and revisions. We begin to bring the detail together on ceilings, openings, and the exterior.

Step 4: Review

At the last stage we will have a final client review where we all walk though each room before we close out the drawings. Once everything is approved, we start adding all of the notes, details, and sections to the drawings. We pass the plans around the office so that they can be checked thoroughly, and then the plans are finalized.